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Statesman Homes have a rating of 4.9 out of 5!


Such a great experience so far!

Posted by Jessica B. on 19 November 2020

We are currently in pre construction and cannot highly recommend Statesman enough. The team at Statesman have been amazing and so accommodating even during this crazy period with COVID-19 and in addition to the release of the government grant. We are excited and cannot wait to see the finished product

First Home Buyer/Builder

Posted by Nicholas L on 17 November 2020

As a first home buyer who is brand new to all of this, Roshan Kulatunga was extremely professional, patient and a pleasure to have as a building consultant. Roshan was very approachable, welcoming, prompt with his responses (there were quite a few) and was able to use his knowledge to help me design my first home. He was very helpful and honest with me throughout the entire process from tweaking an existing design to suit my land and what I wanted in the house to going through the process with me step by step to ensure that I understood the next steps that were required.

I would definitely recommend Roshan to anyone looking to build with Statesman Homes.

Smooth first home build!

Posted by Hannah on 15 November 2020

Had handover today and could not be happier with the service and quality provided! We signed on with Yuki Wang who was informative about the standard inclusions. Emina helped us through our selections appointment and asked about lots of inclusions we hadn't thought about! Jake J. was our client liaison and was a great help! Any questions we had he was more than happy to answer! Wade our site supervisor was on top of everything. Any little 'issue' we had (missing cornices for example) he was already on top of and aware of. During our PCI he pointed out more items to fix than we were aware of - we appreciated the honesty and thoroughness. Definitely were some minor miscommunications, but overall very happy with our build.

Excellent Service

Posted by AshWatson on 3 October 2020

I am currently in post construction, my experience with Statesman was an interesting one, whilst dealing with some super friendly faces like Kim Nyugen (Sales consultant) , Naomi Cavallaro (Selections consultant) and Nick Preston (Site Supervisor) whom I cannot praise enough! All 3 of these people helped make the build fun and enjoyable to do. Special mention to Kim who has continually gone above and beyond for me. Thank you again for the incredible build!!

Above and beyond experience

Posted by Shaun S. on 25 September 2020

We are currently in pre construction phase however Anthony Tovey our consultant from statesman homes has been AMAZING, from first meeting and every email in between he has been super helpful, fast acting and above and beyond to make our needs his priority, Even when we thought we couldn’t do something Anthony made it happen :) Our pricing so far is under budget which has allowed us to spend more on selections which anyone would be very happy with. Look no further Anthony is your man highly recommended him and building with statesman is the perfect choice we made. :)

First time builder

Posted by Rahmat Salah on 18 September 2020

First time builder and have had the absolute best experience so far Anthony Tovey from statesman homes has been a pleasure to work with, from first contact and every email in between Anthony has been super helpful coming in on his days off, helping getting us things we didn’t think we could do every step of the way Anthony made us feel that we were his only priority. I highly recommend building with statesman and having Anthony as your consultant best decision we could of made.

First Home Owner!

Posted by Alyce Bowey on 14 September 2020

As a first home owner I was very lucky when I walked blindly into the Statesman homes display home at Moana and met Anthony Tovey. He helped choose and modify the home design that would get the most out of the shape and size of my land and that included all of the features I was after in a first home. Anthony was professional right throughout the entire process, taking the time and genuine interest to show me different options that I might want included in the build. His communication was great throughout the whole process. As my work is quite demanding time wise Anthony even made himself available to meet with my mother to go through some finer detail and provided me with answers and the information I needed to proceed.

I highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking to build with Statesman homes. He has made the process stress free and enjoyable!

5 stars!

Posted by Gordon G on 12 September 2020

We selected Statesman Homes to build our new house on Hindmarsh Island. Every experience so far from Anthony's assistance in tweaking design to fit our block to all of the people at Construction Services Australia to work on fixtures and fittings the experience has been amazing.

Quick responses to queries, excellent assistance in all aspects and a fantastic experience with Trish in the selections process. Her experience was very, very helpful in us achieving the look and feel we wanted for this home. Well done team!

Building with Statesman

Posted by Chloe on 10 August 2020

Anthony from Seaside at Moana's Statesman Homes Display has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

He has been open to all enquiries and has been prompt with communication which has made the consultancy experience a pleasant one.

Anthony was able to assist with our home design requests and was a wealth of knowledge when we were unsure how we make things work within the design.
When we were between two minds on a few different designs, Anthony asked questions to help us narrow down our options and find our perfect fit.

We would definitely recommend building with Statesman Homes if you are still deciding which builder to sit down with and design your dream home.

Can’t fault this pre-construction

Posted by Olivia on 6 August 2020

We signed in December 2019 and have finally finished the pre construction process, I cannot fault the work of Douglas Baddams, Katina Rennie and Emina Tetkic for pre construction. They all have provided professionalism, timeliness and care with our build & has made the process 10 times easier and less stressful for us as first time builders.

Pre-Construction done

Posted by Syed on 3 August 2020

Pre-construction stage has been completed. Roshan is a very good Sales Consultant, he is always very helpful. Louise was very good in pre-construction stage. Kathy is doing excellent job during construction phase.

The final cost of footings is a bit over with their estimated cost and we have high hope for credits back from footings actual cost. I will update here again after we move into our new house about the building quality and how long Statesman Homes took to build our house.

Anthony Tovey- Review

Posted by Erin and Dwayne Morrison on 2 August 2020

Anthony was approachable and welcoming from the outset. Being new to the building home game we were not sure of where to start. Anthony spent the time talking through the whole process with us. He was up front, honest and helpful as well as prompt with his communication.
We would recommend anyone working with Anthony whether they have never built a house before or experienced investors.

Statesman Homes have been super easy to deal with

Posted by Nicholas V. on 15 July 2020

I am a first home buyer/ builder and the whole process of building a home seemed very daunting to me at first. But I was very lucky to have chosen Statesman Homes. The help and expert advice I have received from the company as a whole, from Uly ( consultant at St Clair) and then Pooja ( during the selections stage ) has really taken the stress out of building and left me feeling eager and excited for the finished product.

Uly has been amazing throughout, she accepted my calls even on her days off and constantly kept me updated during the whole process. Even though I felt embarrassed at times when I asked silly questions she was always willing to answer them free of judgment. She even spent time going through my custom plan and made adjustments so that it would fit within the size of my block – something a few other builders didn’t do.

Pooja has also been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. She made the selections process easy and made tailored and applicable suggestions to my build e.g. the most convenient locations for light switches, getting a few extra quotes for the optimum air conditioning system and what best colours to adopt.

Although I have only pasted the selections side of things I can honestly say so far that I am glad I chose Statesman Homes and am looking forward to fulfilling my dream of owning my own home.

Pre-construction stage: very happy so far

Posted by Whitney G on 14 July 2020

As a first home buyer, I have found the process so far very helpful. My consultant Anthony Tovey has provided great advice to me and his attention to detail has made some of my decision-making a lot easier. He was also very approachable and someone who I know I can ask as many questions as I need to.

Highly recommend Anthony Tovey from Statemans home

Posted by Jasmine C. on 14 July 2020

My partner and I are in the process of building with statesman homes.

In the beginning we were nervous about taking the next step but then we came across Anthony Tovey from Moana. Anthony has been extremely helpful and put both our minds at ease when it came to the 100 questions we both had. He also offered suggestions when it came to the design of the house as we were a bit unsure of what we really wanted. He really brought our dreams to life.

I would highly recommend Anthony as he is a fantastic guy and doesn’t beat around the bush. He is open and honest the whole way through your experience and he’s extremely prompt in replying to emails.

Highly recommend Anthony Tovey and Statesman Homes

Posted by Shaun on 30 June 2020

We have taken the first step in our pre construction process. After visiting a number of other builders in our local area, we knew immediately we were going to build with Statesman Homes, after meeting Anthony Tovey located at Moana. Anthony was very helpful, honest, upfront and explained the entire process giving us the confidence to move forward with the purchase of our first home. Anthony also helped us secure the land, and put us in touch with a broker who has been amazing providing us with a clear direction to have the finance approved. We strongly recommend using Anthony Tovey and Statesman Homes.

This house is brilliant

Posted by Dianne and Andrew on 26 June 2020

This is build number 5 for us and we think it is the best from start to finish. All our contacts from our first meeting with our consultant were so helpful and friendly nothing was to hard all the trades were very good especially the Bricklayer, Painter and Tiler also our Supervisor was excellent and so helpful. Staff in the office were also very helpful, we would highly recommend Statesman Homes.

Can’t fault anything about statesman homes!!!

Posted by Cassie A. on 10 June 2020

I have been living in my new beautiful home for just over a year... Everyone I dealt with along the way were so helpful, but the main person that made the building process so easy was Lee Northam. I first met Lee when I was visiting display homes at St Clair. Lee was so wonderful, friendly, professional and helpful in every way in the designing stage of building my home. Lee is so patient and talented at his job and I am forever grateful to him. Thank you to the whole statesman team again for making my first dream home a reality.


Posted by Kim & Leonie on 9 June 2020

We are currently in the pre-construction stage of building a villa home for our pending retirement. Aware of a reduced future income and 20 + years remaining, our main criteria towards choosing a Building Company was based on our own financial affordability and the capacity, capability and reputation of the builder and their willingness to customise an existing floor plan to accommodate our specific living requirements. Fundamentally, we were seeking some evidence-based confirmation that our intended Builder had the integrity to meet and deliver our building expectations before entering a contract, providing a deposit or paying for the privilege to discover such information.
Following an exhaustive and frustrating 18-month search and subsequent negotiations for a suitable block of land, we visited and engaged with 5 project-based building companies, who all failed to meet the above-mentioned criteria. Only after previewing the repetitiously high STATESMAN HOMES reviews via the internet, we were directed to Mani Singh, a Senior Sales Consultant, currently located in the BROOKLYN display home at Blakeview.
I am pleased to say that after a thorough inspection and critique of the display home (plus others at Lightsview), a scheduled 3-hour appointment and a couple of follow up visits and phone calls Mani, provided us with a near perfect “Concept Plan” and Comprehensive Quotation, that answered our many questions and gave us all of the facts (up front) and the confidence to make what turned out to be an easy decision. We have since signed and paid a small deposit. Mani, is not only a skilled and competent Consultant with the benefit of an engineering and accounting background but, he was also willing to share his own personal building experience (and pictures), having previously built a STATEMAN home for his family. Mani continues to phone and provide aftercare service even though the sign-up stage has been completed.
After initially overlooking Statesman Homes as a potential builder of our new home and having now completed our due diligence on this challenging process and read so many success stories from satisfied Statesman Homes clients, we believe that we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and trouble, if we had visited STATESMAN HOMES first.
Mani thank you for listening, your patience, friendliness, guidance and professionalism.
Kim & Leonie

Quick build

Posted by Nishant D on 2 June 2020

I started my contract May 31st 2019 and even though i changed my floor plans in between, Statesman homes were able to finish my house build by May 2020. Sales consultant Uly, Louise and Kathy were very supportive throught this period. My assigned supervisor Jarred was also cooperative. This is my first home and I recommend Statesman homes as a good builder to go ahead with. Thank you Statesman homes

Thank you Statesman

Posted by Eshana Wijesinghe on 31 May 2020

As a first home buyer, Statesman Homes have been perfect. From selecting a floor plan all the way through to the construction phase. I would like to thank Mani Singh for his service in the front end and throughout the pre-construction stages. Couldn't have asked for a better client liaison, Louise Ashmore, as she was always available to answer any questions we had about the process. The selections appointment when really well thanks to Katherine Berwick. We have passed the halfway mark of the construction phase and our client liaison, Kathy Dye, and site supervisor, Steve, have been excellent. Overall, very happy with the decision to build our first home with Statesman Homes and certainly recommend them to any first home buyers.

A breeze

Posted by Brooke McArthur on 29 May 2020

We are about to move into construction, however our pre-construction phase has been a breeze. We had Louise as our liaison staff member and she was so prompt with responses and updating us with our progress. She has been so lovely and made this process really smooth and enjoyable for anxious first home builders. With such a good experience with this I have high hopes for the construction sides of things. We also had Bobbi for selections and she was absolutely amazing!! Would definitely recommend Statesman Homes.

Happy Customers

Posted by Raj on 25 May 2020

We are very pleased with our new house (getting handover keys next week) and Mani Singh has made this journey as smooth as possible (with minimum nasty surprises). His thorough vision has helped us so much throughout the process and the custom plan he did for us stands out. I still remember when we started,all other builders were pushing us to sign with them without even considering that our block is irregular and may require extra attention,with a lot of disappointment and even regretting at one stage that why we bought this irregular block,then we stepped to Lightsview display house and met this guy , Mani,who asked very concise but right questions about land including orientation of the block. Our first meeting already gave us a hope and we met numerous times after and Mani been very informative, honest and helpful.
The design consultant was very helpful and polite as well, we were given extra days to finalise things which really made a big difference as we were not 100% sure about our black colour tapware and plumbing but we are glad that we chose all black.
This week when we paid our last progressive payment,notified by bank that we got generous credit back from builders and this definitely was mentioned by Mani Singh on signing the contract initially and gave us another reason to show our satisfaction and happiness to choose Statesman Homes and Mani Singh through this review and certainly help all those people out there looking for quality build and a responsible consultant.

Statesman delivered

Posted by Shane & Janet Grant on 22 May 2020

Statesman built us a fantastic house they we are so pleased with. From the commencement of the journey we only encountered genuine help and assistance with our dream house and are so pleased with the final result. Most pleasing of all has been the after service and commitment to fix a few minor issues that inevitably arise. Thank you

Statesman build with Anthony Tovey

Posted by Alex on 11 May 2020

I am in the process of building with statesman homes in Moana. Anthony Tovey was my consultant and was extremely helpful. He offered many suggestions with the house and land plan which was really appreciated as this is my first time building. Great guy and would highly recommend speaking with him if interested in building. Looking forward to the next steps and moving into my new house !

Excellent Service!!

Posted by Lester on 28 April 2020

Good handling of all communication to myself and my broker, through email or through phone contact. They were able to explain everything that was going on with the pre-processing of documents to pre-construction. Step by step assessment for every stage of the build. The costs were much less than I was expecting!

Mani Singh & Team Statesman

Posted by Gavy on 28 April 2020

Built with professionals.

The start process till end was very professional. Special thanks to Mani Singh our building consultant/designer (for a double story house) did a great job for us. We got the same, what we have dream about. Mani singh you are the best and have great ability to understand customers unique requirements. Highly recommended.
Great work Mani Singh & team , keep it up.

The best consultant of all

Posted by Azd8 on 15 April 2020

I was looking for a construction company for my first house. Tried to find a better solution in different aspects. Visited many different display villages including Hickinbotham's and Statesman's ones. However, I'd never experienced so attentive and supportive attitude from any other sales guys before I met Uly at Lightsview Design house.
She absolutely surpassed all of my expectations as a sales consultant. Not even she helped me in designing a custom home from the scratch but became an infinite source of advice. She went with me to a council to make sure our design meets Council's Development requirements. She improved the house layout and never forgot my subtle thoughts for every detail. She suggested many constructive ideas that helped me making my dreams to become truth. Uly for sure the best consultant I met on my way. She calculated our contract neatly and when footings report was completed there were no surprises.
I signed a contract a long time ago, however, I still contact Uly to find out the information I need. She is an absolutely outstanding person that makes my construction journey exciting and pleasant.
As for the company, I might say that I was able to include a lot of upgrades and still stay within a limited budget. Thank you to Trish who made my selections appointment smooth and relaxing. Trish is also a high professional with a lot of experience in delivering high standard service to clients.
All in all so far so good.
Hope, I will write a cheerful review after my home is built.
If you want to build a house of your dream go to Lightsview Design house and meet Uly.
Thank you Statesman for your awesome work.

Away as go

Posted by Bagger on 6 April 2020

Just about to start the construction stage, and its been very good so far.
The staff who we have dealt with have been very good in their communication to us along every step of the way.
The final cost is a bit over our estimated cost and we have high hope for credits from footings actual cost to be credited.

Our first home... very excited!!

Posted by Tharindu Mudiyanselage on 3 April 2020

Building our first home seemed like an overwhelming process at first with lot of boxes to tick and so many choices of floor plans, facades, etc to shuffle through. Kyle somehow knew how we felt about the whole idea of building and guided us through with the whole process patiently and had answers to all our questions. He was very open about certain things and advised what to watch out for when it comes selecting the land we want and choosing the floor plan. Unlike some other builders we approached earlier, he didn't push us to settle for a H&L package and wanted to know what we really want from our home. The preliminary quotation is satisfactorily prepared to our budget and included almost everything. The planning stage is now finished and we are in the pre-construction period and hopefully the next process will swift through and we will be having our slab poured in early next year. We have have high expectations about our my first home and are certain that Statesman Homes will make ours dreams a reality very very soon.... If you are to ever go with Statesman Homes, opt for Kyle... He knows what he's doing!!

Design Consultant

Posted by Tahlia Dell on 1 April 2020

Lee was great throughout our design stage of building our home. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and he was always availabile to us if we ever had any questions. We look forward to our build starting hopefully very soon!

First time build

Posted by Thai on 30 March 2020

Have just finished pre construction phase and everybody has been fantastic even after changing plans numerous times, they were very accommodating, understanding and not pushy at all.
My building consultant Tarkin was very knowledgeable and approachable, any variation small or large was possible. My selections consultant Sarah was fantastic even after I had changed my mind she was patient and went the extra step.
My client services Louise was very prompt with all communication.
Everyone is very friendly, the office staff are helpful. Their showroom and range of products are limitless, they have a design to suit all budgets and possibilities.
I'm hoping the build will be just as seamless as this but it has been a very positive start so far.

Great Service

Posted by Manpreet S. on 19 March 2020

Such a great service. Very satisfactory work. Money Singh assisted a lot and answered all our queries. Our house was completed on expected timeframe. We had very good experience building our home through statesman.

Very happy customer

Posted by Pamela A on 14 March 2020

Been a pleasant experience with Statesman through a stressful situation which I was very thankful for. Everyone was very helpful and always keeping me updated and answer all of my questions.

First home!!! Tailored to my needs

Posted by Sergey P on 13 March 2020

Its my first home. Uly from Statesman Homes was very helpful and responsive. I have weird shaped block of land. And Uly did not step back and offered to tailor existing plan to fit into my block. Now waiting for master plan to be ready, so excited. Thanks to Uly and Statesman homes.

First home!!! Tailored to my needs

Posted by Sergey P on 14 August 2019

Its my first home. Uly from Statesman Homes was very helpful and responsive. I have weird shaped block of land. And Uly did not step back and offered to tailor existing plan to fit into my block. Now waiting for master plan to be ready, so excited. Thanks to Uly and Statesman homes.

Update 6 Jun 2020:
House was completed end of April. Moved in mid of may. Now have been living for 6 weeks. Few issues found like leaking toilet and sink, but nothing serious. Worth to mention that Statesman homes office reacted quick and all issues were rectified. Still waiting for 3 month period, when I will report all small cosmetic issues.

Pre Construction

Posted by Jess C on 30 July 2019

I have just finished the Pre Construction stage and Monique was such a great go between the pre construction ‘stuff’ and myself! She made it clear for me to understand and interpret, I was especially grateful for this as it is my first build! Definitely very approachable and a great level of customer service! Although it was a roller coaster there was always a solution that I was happy with!

Great Service

Posted by Ali B on 19 July 2019

We have been very impressed with the level of service received. Everyone we have dealt with at Statesman Homes has been very professional, informative and friendly. We have been kept well informed at every stage of the process so knew exactly what was going on. We really enjoyed our selections day and choosing the colour scheme of our home. Unfortunately, after a change in personal circumstance we didn’t proceed with the build but should this ever change we would not hesitate to build with Statesman Homes.

First time home owners with Statesman

Posted by Sherwin Benny G on 16 July 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Statesman during our pre-construction stage. We had some hiccups during the initial planning, due to unforeseen events with our land, but our Andy, our building consultant, guided us and went above and beyond to give us the house design that we dreamed of. Trish from the Selections team was very meticulous and detailed, which made our selections fast and cost-effective. Katina, who handled our pre-construction, has done a wonderful job of updating us, even with our many followup questions :).

All in all, we are happy with our experience. We are now at the Footing stage of our construction. Hopefully, we can maintain the same level of satisfaction until the hand over date.

First time builder with Statesman

Posted by Simon & Mandy on 10 July 2019

The build was very well managed. Quality was good. We were very satisfied with the project and interaction with staff. The only surprise we’re the extra footing costs which were almost double the estimate. A big thank you to Bobbi who was outstanding at selections. To Kim you provided a magnificent concept plan which we loved from the start. For Sarah thank you for your diligence and hard work keeping it all on track. And finally to Graham you did an outstanding job as the project manager - give this guy a raise!! So would we build again based on this experience - yes for sure. There are always issues but clearly having the right team makes a huge difference and yes would definitely build again with Statesman. Than you very much for our lovely new home. Simon and Mandy

Early stages still

Posted by Hayley on 1 July 2019

Still early stages and our footings report & finance still hasn't been finalised (hoping very soon).
but id like to give a big shout out to Roshan from Statesman Homes (Building Consultant) from the first day i enquired about a house/land package he has been nothing but amazing, helpful & has a lot of knowledge in regards to every single question i had especially since my partner works away he made it all very accommodating to continue with signing of papers & as this is our very first house we are building i was very nervous with the whole process but Roshan has been great and has followed up of everything i have asked. We have done our selections appointment and that was such a fun experience.

I only hope that after paying our deposits when they needed them and handing everything over they need we get some more reassurance that the process is still all running smoothly and we can continue to create our perfect family home.

I would recommend Roshan at Statesman Homes to anyone who would love to build.

Thanks Roshan!!

Very Happy

Posted by Bianca E on 30 June 2019

We recently got our keys to our newly built home by Statesman Homes. Couldn’t fault the build at all, we had a very smooth run and minor issues were fixed quickly and without fuss. This company is very customer service focused, creating a pleasant experience for the client. We will recommend Statesman to all our friends and family.

Professional sales consultant very kind and though

Posted by Will Chen on 28 June 2019

I am writing this review to thank Yuki Wang who has been providing outstanding and professional service and advice about my three investment properties. Due to my personal issues, it took Yuki long time and tremendous efforts to improve the floor plan. But she has been always patient and nicely explained every detail. Besides her, other staffs like Kristen Portolesi and Louis Ashmore also provided thoroughly services.

Thank You Statesman Homes

Posted by Sam on 27 June 2019

Very Happy with our new house. Mani Singh helped us in Customized our plan while Guy, Elena & Nicole were excellent during Construction time.
They have a very good team who assist you during Color Selection, as Maddison was great too . Overall a good experience and i will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Great service during pre-construction

Posted by Nicole on 21 June 2019

Once the final plans had been drawn up the pre construction phase was really quick. Selections were really fun and the girl who helped me was excellent. Monique was really helpful and always responded quickly to questions. Good experience so far.

Definitely a good and wise choice!

Posted by Rish on 19 June 2019

We had an amazing experience with our pre-contruction. Bunch of efficient people - Andy our building consultant, Trish our selections consultant and Katina our preconstruction admin. We had a lot of changes, questions and not to mention our follow ups! We are looking forward to have the same experience on the actual construction! Very happy with their service! Keep it up!

Couldn't be happier!

Posted by Chris and Kaitlyn on 17 June 2019

As first home buyers, naturally we were really nervous about the whole process. We are so thankful to Yuki for taking the time out to help us along with our build process and talking through all our anxieties with us. We have been really happy with the process and the support so far and can't wait for the build.

Breezy Experience

Posted by Monique on 14 June 2019

I am in the early stages of building through Statesman Homes. Every one that I have worked with so far at Statesman have been extremely organised, super professional, understanding of concerns and really supportive. Before I built everyone told me how difficult building is and how difficult builders can be. I am very happy to say that I have had the complete opposite experience with Statesman! They have been impeccable. Hopefully the remainder of my build will be the same!

Best service and knowledge

Posted by Daniel on 7 June 2019

My partner and I approached Yuki from statesman homes at the display home in Virginia straight away Yuki was helpful and understanding of our needs regarding the build.
Yuki sent us to look at a display in Andrew's farm and with a few alterations she helped us create the perfect house for our sized block and within our budget.

I am very happy with my choice to build with State

Posted by Thi Huynh on 31 May 2019

I am here to say thank you to Yuki Wang, she is very professional and help us beyond her role. My husband and I don't speak good english, she is very patient to explain everything and yesterday, she spend her whole morning to stay with us for colour selection appointment. She is the person you can trust to build your new home.

sales consultant very helpful

Posted by Sarah on 28 May 2019

We started planning our build for sometime now and we have been back and fourth with the sales consultant Yuki and she has been very helpful. She tries to answer all our questions and has tried her best to explain each process with us.

Customer Service

Posted by Mon Robb on 24 May 2019

Very very impressed with Evan at St Clair display home. We had dealings with him after viewing the display homes at St Clair. Evan was so helpful and polite, he took time to show us options for what we needed and he actually listened to what we wanted. Friends who had dealings with Stateman homes at Northgate Display Village were equally impressed with the service/help they received.

Initial consultations/site plans and Selections

Posted by Plymouth on 23 May 2019

We currently have our finalised plans lodged with Council and have completed selections. Really impressed so far with the skills, abilities and customer care provided by Statesman staff (Lee and Madison).

Cant wait to move in!!

Posted by TopCat on 22 May 2019

Still in pre construction stage but very exciting!! Roshan has been absolutely amazing and very patient with us!! His level of knowledge and advise has been invaluable and if we ever do this again - he will be our go to!!

Pre construction phase of our new home :)

Posted by Sandra Sanchez and Tonia Schinella on 22 May 2019

Were up to the Pre construction phase with Statesman homes with our new custom designed home and its been amazing and very interesting how the whole process works. The team are so friendly and explain the whole process from your first design to the construction of your new home. Everyone had the time to explain the steps and re assure you of how everything is going, very knowledgeable, very customer focused and prompt as this time can be a bit confronting but the team at Statesman made it a breeze for us in our new chapter of our life.

Our first new home!

Posted by Sandra Sanchez on 15 May 2019

Were up to the pre construction phase with Statesman Homes with our custom designed home and the process has been amazing and very interesting-have learnt so much how the whole process works. The team are so friendly and explain the whole process from your first designs to the construction phases of your new home. Everyone had the time to explain the steps and re assure you along the process, very knowledgeable, very customer focused and prompt as this time can be a bit stressing but the team at Hickimbotham made it a breeze for us in our new chapter of our life-Highly recommended! :)

Our First New Home

Posted by Sri on 13 May 2019

We finished our First New Home and was handed over on 31st of May and we are very happy with Statesman. Everyone are very polite and patient. Especially Mr Mani Singh who was there with us since we started searching for the land till we paid the last final payment and guided us about the process as this was our very first experience. Advised us what's best for us and customised the plan that suits us. He was available when ever we needed and was very patient in handling the queries we had even if it was a very basic and silly query. We really appreciate Mani and thank him for holding our hands and guiding us through this stressfull process and would highly recommend him if you want smooth process with no bitter experiences.

What a great experience!

Posted by Matthew P on 6 May 2019

Statesman home built my new home quickly and finished it to an expert level, they even managed to get it finished in time for Christmas. The office were easy to deal with and the supervisor did everything he said he would. Elena gave us accurate information and was quick to respond, making the whole process extremely stress free and enjoyable!

Review of selection process with Statesman Homes

Posted by Darren on 3 May 2019

We are in the stages of planning, have completed colour selection, and are very glad to have chosen Statesman Homes to guide us through this complex process. In particular, we would like to thanks Mr Mani Singh, who has been meticulous in modifying plans to suit our specifications, and in being very accommodating, but also guiding us through the complex decisions required. He was available via email, phone calls, and we were able to make appointments with him after hours and on weekends, which was a great convenience for us. We cannot not thank Mani enough for navigating this often stressful process, and would highly recommend him.

Very professional. Highly recommended

Posted by Sarah on 30 April 2019

Kyle from statesman has been amazing throughout my pre-construction process.
As i am a first time home builder, Kyle has helped to make the process as easy as possible. He has had excellent communication from day one, and gone over and above to accommodate meetings that suit my work hours.
The timeframes from statesman, compared to other builders have been much more efficient & client friendly. I was able to obtain costings, plans and other information without delay which has lessened the stress & made the process more enjoyable.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with Kyle and Statesman Homes to finish my pre-construction, and eventually build my dream home

June 6th 2019 Update: Outstanding service

I recently completed my selections appointment with statesman. I found the whole process very easy & non-stressful.
I was given a good guideline to help make the selections quick & easy, and communication was always more than adequate.

Madison was amazing on the day. Not only was she very patient, but she also explained things in a very clear & easy to understand manor. She understood that being a first time home owner/builder, there were things I had not encountered before & explained these things in detail for me.

I really appreciated her honesty in helping me with my selections. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable with every choice made.

The customer service I have received from statesman so far has made me feel very secure in my choice of builder!

Excellent support from Building Consultant

Posted by Shaker Ahmed on 26 April 2019

Answering of these questions are too early to give at this stage because building construction has not yet started and also the master plan preparation is ongoing.

But I want to give review about the building consultant of Statesman Homes, Mr.Roshan Kulatunga.
# From the very first day I met with him, I found him as a excellent professional personal.
# For the same land I informed some other consultants from other builders. But Mr. Roshan is the person who took the fastest initiatives for making that land On Hold state.
# When I requested him for support about Finance broker, he collected my communication information and passed that to Keystart.
# His communication skill is excellent. Whenever I asked for any information or any kind of support, he provided me within a very short time.

# I a word he is an excellent person as building consultant, excellent supportive to the customers.

Perfect building, Perfect builder

Posted by Ray H on 25 April 2019

The whole building procedure war arranged very perfect. House quality is so great. I upgraded many products, but it is very cheaper. The final cost is controlled under estimated cost.

Perfect family home

Posted by Aaron on 23 April 2019

From start to finish the build went exceptionally well.
The sales consultant listened to our needs and incorporated them into our family home, always asking what we were after. From colour selection to pre construction the team were very helpful, keeping us to the budget we had in mind and keeping us updated with our build process.
The construction of our home was a breeze, the Construction supervisor and trades used did a fantastic job so helpful and built to high standards.
I would definitely build another house with statesman homes and highly recommend them to others.

Fantastic company to work with

Posted by Larissa on 15 April 2019

Uly popova was incredible helpful and made the process so easy. She was able to get structure approvals for changes that many people from other companies turned down straight away.

The 5 Ps of Success = STATESMAN HOMES

Posted by Karen Whitehead on 29 March 2019

Almost to the End of Pre-Construction and we are very excited to enter into the Building stage. What started with a huge amount of worry in making this decision has been replaced by confidence, this has been due to Our AMAZING Building consultant Andy Killick, from the beginning his knowledge and the attention to us and the details of putting together the home we wanted OUTSTANDING! His trustworthiness impeccable, This has laid a foundation for the next phase that we know will pay dividends for the coming stage of building our house. We can not thank Andy enough for his time and diligence he put in. Our Preconstruction consultant at Statesman Katina needs to also be thanked for her quick response with great information and patience. All in all Thank you Statesman!

Exceptional Service

Posted by Thilan on 8 September 2018

we are in the early stage of building our home with Statesman Homes. But so far , we had an exceptional customer service from our Building consultant Mani Singh who is in Lightsview display home. He was very polite, provided us all the information and explain them step by step to us as this is our first home and we don't have much knowledge and made us 100% clear of whole process. we have been to lot of other builders before , but no one explained us the process and make us clear on what we should do or don't, as Mani did. Thank you for your great service and looking forward to have a smooth journey with Statesman homes to make our dream come true

Great Experience

Posted by Dean & Kala (Twinkle) Leo on 5 August 2018

We highly recommend Mani Singh, our Sales Consultant at Statesman Homes. From our very first meeting with Mani at Lightsview, he has shown genuine interest in what we required and not just a house to sell us. He is professional and knowledgeable in his field and as first time home builders he has been helpful to us every step of the way. Nothing is too much trouble and the communication lines to him are always open. We are still in our early stages of building. If the experience we have had with Mani is anything to go by, we look forward to the rest of the process of building our very first home through Statesman Homes.

Exceptional Service from Mani Singh

Posted by thilan on 24 July 2018

we are in the early stage of building our home with Statesman Homes. So far , we had an exceptional customer service from our building consultant Mani Singh at Lightsview display home. he is very knowledgeable and explained us the whole process step by step as this is our first home. He is always contactable when we have any question and always does his best to make us fully aware of the process. Thanks Mani and you should be a real asset to the company

Extremely stress-free!

Posted by Mark & Jackie T on 25 July 2017

Our building supervisor made our building process extremely stress-free! The construction process was very smooth. The liaison with the building supervisor gave us confidence in the build. We appreciate our building supervisor promptly sorting some issues we have had since moving in. The time taken to build our home was very good.

Overall very happy with the process and the end result. Thank you.

Excellent design consultant!

Posted by Adam & Belinda S on 25 July 2017

Our design consultant was amazing! She was great to talk to and really understood what we were wanting for our new home. She was incredibly thorough and followed up any queries that we had. It was a delight to have her helping us through our colour selections. This is the third time we have built and this was the only time we've actually enjoyed our colour selections! Thank you; we really appreciate your help.

First home!

Posted by Jennifer on 25 July 2017

Building with Statesman Homes for my first house and first build has been fantastic. The initial contact with my building consultant and throughout the process has been fantastic. I would highly recommend him (Phillip Ward) to anyone. I just recently had my colour selections appointment and my colour consultant (Emily) was extremely helpful and made the experience stress free. I feel comfortable with all my decisions along the way and didn't feel any pressure. I would highly recommend Statesman homes and would use them again in the future!

Posted by Mark T on 1 May 2017

Our Building Supervisor was fantastic - made our building process extremely stress-free! We would definitely recommend Statesman Homes to our friends and family.

Anthony Tovey of Moana Village

Posted by Kimberley on 10 September 2020

We haven't completed our build as yet, but I felt the need to make it known about the process so far with Anthony Tovey at the Moana Village - He is SO helpful, so efficient and SO refreshingly honest. I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks Anthony

First home

Posted by Georgios Tsiminis on 3 June 2020

My wife and I are building our first house with Statesman and we’ve been very please with the level of help and professionalism we’ve experienced. Helpful, quick to respond and very patient with explaining a complicated process to us. Anthony Tovey in the display home, Louise Ashmore in the pre-construction stage, Monique Holton in the selections process and Kathy Dye in the construction stage have all been great to interact with! Can’t wait for our home to be finished in the near future!

Very happy

Posted by Jess Desmond on 3 June 2020

Very happy with statesman homes. Exceptionally happy with consultation Louise, very prompt and helpful. If I was to ever build again I would ask to be able to deal with Louise again. Thank you ????

First Time Builder left Very Satisfied

Posted by Brooke M on 29 May 2020

I just wanted to say how amazing Louise has been for our pre-construction. We are about to be released to construction and as first time builders she has made this whole process so smooth and easy. From day one she has been so quick with responses over email and phone, as well as being very knowledgeable. I'm very grateful that I had her brain to pick and that there was no question too small or silly for her. Again thank you for all of your support and guidance Louise and I would definitely recommend Statesman Homes :)


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