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Mortgage & Home Loan Calculators

Doing the maths on your home loan and mortgage is easy with our online calculators. Compare loan options, work out how much you can borrow and how much repayments will be - or even set up a savings plan.

Extra Repayments

Discover the amount of money you can save from making extra repayments throughout your loan.

Basic Loan Repayments

Select from two different terms and interest rates, along with four loan scenarios to compare your basic loan repayments.

Stamp Duty

Learn the Stamp Duty, Mortgage Registration Fees and Transfer fees applicable in your state or territory.

Complete Loan Comparison

Explore the differences between two different loans including honeymoon rates, upfront fees, monthly fees and discharge fees.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Using your income, expenses and number of dependents, learn how much you may be able to borrow.


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