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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about knockdown rebuild projects and subdividing. 

At which stage of the knockdown rebuild should the subdivision begin?

Ideally, you should lodge your application once you've discussed with your Statesman Homes Consultant which designs you want to build.

Your council will play an important role in when and how the subdivision happens. Some councils will request full development approval before approval for the subdivision, and others will consider the building application and the subdivision application at the same time.

Building can start once all the approvals are issued and once your subdivision plans are lodged by the Lands Title Office.

Will I need a surveyor and/or conveyancer?

Legally speaking, no. But subdividing is usually a lot easier and quicker if you have these experts on hand.

A surveyor can make sure your plans are drawn to specific standards and meet regulations, and can lodge and track your subdivision application. They are also skilled in taking care of other essential approval processes.

How can a surveyor help in the process?

In the knockdown rebuild project your surveyor will

  • help you work out the best way to subdivide your land – e.g. Torrens Title or Community Title.
  • draft a concept plan for the development application, and flag any services and special requirements that'll be needed for developing your site.
  • undertake a preliminary survey and prepare a town planning report if one is needed.
  • lodge your development application with the Development Assessment Commission and other authorities.
  • let you know about the progress of your development application once its submitted.
  • prepare the certified survey and pegging plan once the Council has given planning approval.
  • obtain the land division certificate from the Development Assessment Commission.
  • lodge a certified survey and pegging plan with the Lands Title Office.
How can a conveyancer help in the process?

Your conveyancer will support you through the knockdown rebuild project by:

  • keeping an open line of communication and working with your surveyor during the development application process.
  • preparing documentation for the Lands Title Office, and making sure your certified survey and pegging plan is lodged, and your Certificate of Title issued.
  • taking care of other documentation – preparing the application for deposit of a plan of subdivision; getting consent from all registered interests on the Certificate of Title (mortgagees, encumbrances and agreements); and getting consent for special requirements from the distribution lessor, SA Water, Council and Rights of Way.
How do I know what kind of subdivision is right for my land? Torrens Title? Strata Title? Community Title?

This is where your surveyor will come in handy. They'll guide you through the decision-making process and help you work out which option will be best for you. A Torrens Title is the most common choice because it means allotments are separated and have their own services.

What you'll need to think about when determining the best Title option:

  • Water, sewerage, agent fees and other development costs
  • Market place evaluation
  • The need for professional advice (surveyor or valuer)
  • Family needs and personal choice
  • Size, design and the nature of the development process
  • Development plan requirements.

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