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Profitable Future

Make the most of your land and its investment potential. Take one piece of land, subdivide into two or more allotments, and make the first step towards your profitable future in property development.

An increasingly popular investment option among savvy investor circles, subdividing land and building one or more investment properties is a tried and tested path to future prosperity. Whether it's your first time subdividing or you're expanding your property investment portfolio, we have the knowhow and experience to handle your subdivision and help you get a return on your newly built investment property (or properties!) sooner.

Decisions, decisions ...

If you have land already, or if you have your eye on a block that's just begging to be redeveloped, subdividing for a rebuild can be your key to future-proofing your finances ... it's all about the way you use it!

Once you've demolished an existing property and subdivided, there are a few investment options to consider, depending on your land, your budget and your financial goals. For instance, investing in property to rent out – especially in premium suburbs where land is scarce – can set you and your family up for years to come. On the other hand, demolishing to sell off unneeded land or building properties to sell can give you a fast return.

Here's how other investors are making their way up with the Subdivision Solutions team and Statesman.

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KDR PF rental

Build a home + rental investment

Build a new home to live in and one or more properties on your subdivided block.

KDR PF sell

Build a home + investment to sell

Build a home to call your own and a enjoy a quick return on the one (or more) you build alongside. Once construction and landscaping is complete, we'll handle the sale for you and you'll enjoy the profit.

KDR PF land

Build a home + sell your extra land

Build your new home and sell off the land you no longer need. We can prepare each allotment and promote its sale with designs or as a house and land package, and you profit from the sale of the land.

KDR PF multiple

Build multiple investment properties

Demolish an existing home, subdivide the block, and use the allotments to build two or more properties to rent out.


Whichever option you decide on, we can help make the process of demolishing, subdividing and developing your land a smooth one.

Our specialist partners at Subdivision Solutions can run your land division from start to finish, and we'll handle the construction and any sales of your extra land and/or investment properties. We also have financial services to help you get your subdivision and investments off the ground.


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