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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about a property investment with Statesman Homes? Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is property investment as good as everyone says it is?

Going by history and the current market, yes. Over time it has proven to be much more stable and predictable than most other investment options – especially playing the share market. Steady income from rental payments will help you pay off your loan, and will most likely give you a solid return on your investment later on. And because the value of property generally increases and doesn't fluctuate like the stock market, a property investment is likely to be a safe bet when it comes to setting up your future wealth.

Can international visa holders invest in property in South Australia?

Australian citizens and Permanent Residents can buy investment properties, but international visa holders need to go through special processes to purchase property in South Australia. Need more information? Visit the FAQs on the Australian Government Foreign Investment Review Board website.

Where does Statesman Homes build?

We build across Adelaide and in some of the most up-and-coming and in-demand areas across South Australia, from inner metropolitan Adelaide to the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula, and extending as far as the Iron triangle of Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie. You'll find most of our developments in areas that are likely to yield good rental income and return on investment. Find out where our current developments are being built.

Are all investment properties in community developments? What if I want to buy elsewhere?

Building in a new development certainly has its perks, but there are other benefits to building on land you already have (or have your eye on!), and we can build anywhere in South Australia. Subdividing land to make room for multiple properties and rebuilding as part of a knock-down rebuild project are both great alternatives for investment. Find out more about the full range of investment opportunities we have on offer.

Who can I talk to to get investment advice?

We have property investment specialists on hand to answer your questions, whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned property portfolio owner. Alongside our specialist investment solutions partners, KeyStart Construction Finance, we'll work with you to look at your current financial situation and your investment goals, and then take you through your best property investment options.

How important is it to have a property investment planner, investment advisor or accountant?

While the decision to call on a professional for investment advice is always up to you, we strongly recommend it! An investment expert will be able to give you the best advice on working out how to finance your investment, and how to make the right investment. If you already know a professional who can help, great! Alternatively, we can refer you to our KeyStart Construction Finance experts.

Can I borrow against my current home and use its equity to invest in another property?

Yes. When you already own, you may be able to use the equity from your current home in lieu of a deposit on your investment property.

Your equity – the difference between your home’s market value and the balance of your mortgage – has most likely increased over the years you’ve owned your home, so can open up a great opportunity to invest sooner.

Contact us to discuss using your home's equity to invest.

What is negative gearing? Can I use it?

Negative gearing is when the cost of owning your rental property outweighs the income it generates each year, so your property becomes a taxable loss. By then offsetting this loss against your other income, like your salary, you can save thousands in tax.

You may have also heard of positive gearing, where income you receive from your investment property exceeds the costs and other possible deductions. In this case, you may need to pay additional tax on your investment property.

Whether you use negative gearing will depend on your unique circumstances, so it's best to speak with a finance professional first. Contact us for advice on how to negatively gear your investment.


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